Friday, April 29, 2016

2016 Pilot Grant Awards (grad students)

 In Spring 2016, C-FAHR awarded seven one-thousand dollar grants to graduate students across campus.  These awards will assist these students with developing their own research agendas related to families and health. 

C-FAHR Pilot Grant Award Winners, 2016
Student PI
Faculty Advisors

Ashley Elrick
K. Kaphingst
Examining Health Topic Avoidance Within Families to Inform Intervention Development

Chelsea Gourley &  Ashley Donham
M. Diener
Human Development & Social Policy

Child Life’s Role in Managing the Stress of Pediatric Diabetes
Robert Kent de Grey
B. Uchino

Development and Validation of an Online Social Support Measure
Djin Lai
L.  Ellington
A Feasibility Study: Dyadic Coping and Concordance of End of Life Decisions in Home Health Patients and their Family Caregivers

Brendan Ostlund
L. Conradt & T. Drew Psychology

Brains in Bloom (BiB) Study

Corinna Trujillo Tanner
M. Caserta
Posttraumatic Growth among Older Adults with Vision Loss Caused by Age Related Macular Degeneration

Rumei Yang
L. Edelman
Fear of Falling in Older Adults and Corresponding Fears in Family Caregivers:
Dyads Coping with Fall Risks

Congratulations!  We look forward to hearing more about your research at a future C-FAHR symposium.

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