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Statistical Consultation for C-FAHR Members

C-FAHR Statistical Consulting

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About the Service:

The C-FAHR statistical consulting program is intended for members of C-FAHR, particularly faculty, to assist with grant applications, papers, pilot research and activities that will contribute to the interdisciplinary goals of C-FAHR. Consultation is not generally available for individuals outside of C-FAHR. Consultation is not available for class work (both undergraduate/graduate) or statistical tutoring. Limited assistance will be provided for master’s theses, dissertations, and graduate student projects, time permitting.

Scheduling Consultation:

To schedule a consultation, please email with:

  1. A brief description of the consultation request
  2. Whether the consultation is in service of a grant, paper, pilot research, or something else (please identify)
  3. Whether the request is coming from a faculty member, postdoc, or graduate student, plus their home department

Consultants will aim to respond to requests for consultation within 3 days to arrange an appointment, or to request further information to aid in assigning consulting requests.

The C-FAHR consultants are faculty members who have experience and exposure to a wide variety of statistical methodology, so please do not hesitate to make inquiries regarding any statistical or data analytic method or topic. Their areas of strongest interest and specialization are as follows:

  • Pascal Deboeck: familiarity and interest in a wide range of methodologies for the analysis of repeated observations on individuals/groups.

  • Daniel Adkins: structural equation modeling, psychometrics, longitudinal modeling, big data, parallel computing, bioinformatics and statistical genomics.

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